Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th



Happy Friday the 13th!

Here's a picture I drew:


And here's what it says: (Oh and yes copyright w/ m' signature at the top BOOYAH) Friday the 13th

Mwahahahaha- Hope you don't:

Breaks Mirrors, Walk under ladders, Encounter any black nekos (no matter how cute), Knock over salt...


Meet this dude... O.O *Shows a dude with a sword in his hand*

Oh yeah and that stuff on the sword... it's actually water... ^^'

Sorry guys if it's a little too graphic for ya!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Blogger =D

Hello, I am just entering this website. I'm just posting this to start of the whole 'recollection' thing you know. Here's a few poems that I made a while ago:

I need to find the world, come out of my shell, 'cause god knows, i will not fail, my heart flows, my heart settles, in the right place, and not in the place i used to be.

I feel my heart, i see my soul, some fear my brain, and i feel no pain, they try to make me cry, you think you're so sly, just because I'm shy, But it's not happening, Some fear my soul, some fear my heart, I trust my brain, and I'm back again.

I was watching a episode of the proud family and thought of this:

Some people say that they're your friend

Say they'll be there "end to end"

They say they got your back for your worst times

But what they're saying is cheap (pennies and dimes)

They say they're your friend for what you got

Not for who you are like an evil plot

Can't trust those "friends" for the next time they'll lie

I just got to ask one simple word..."why?".....