Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dream Room


Wall One (painting):

Magical 16x24 Nature Photograph fine art. surreal large wall art. tree branches twinkle lights green teal blue

Wall Two (fandoms):

Harry Potter stuff (hufflepuff mostly)
Doctor Who stuff
Video Game Posters (FFXI, Kirby's Epic Yarn, etc.) and stickers

Wall Three (clocks):

One clock for England
Another for Japan
Another for East Coast of America
Another for West Coast of America
Mirror in the middle of clocks

Wall Four (movie posters):

Monsters University
Monsters, Inc.
Despicable Me
Back To The Future
School of Rock
Wreck-It Ralph
Kung Fu Panda
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid -
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Art

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Ferris Bueller's Day Off (w/ Save Ferris T-Shirt)
Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton)
Sweeney Todd
Nightmare Before Christmas

Wall Five (drawings):

Youtuber Drawings (Crabstickz, Rhett and Link, etc.)


Glow in the dark stickers
Glow in the dark  moon clock
Victorian style caged candles
Keep Calm and Carry On Poster
Good Morning Sunshine Poster


Another clock
Classical Brass Clock Station
Wall lamps


Hanging bed

With a canopy (curtains hanging around the bed)

Green sheets with Lavender covers

decorative pillow cushion cover UK - map pillow organic cotton, pillow, 16 inch, 41cms cushion cover
Union Jack 20" Decorative Toss Pillow
Plush Wizarding Penguin Pillow Pal PLACE YOUR ORDER

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

The Fantastic Foursome

You know: Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell), AmazingPhil (Phil Lester), KickThePJ (PJ Liguori) and Crabstickz (Chris Kendall).  The Youtuber guys.  From the UK.
My favorite one is Crabstickz.  He's the best actor out of the 4 and the only one that makes me genuinely laugh without trying too hard (like most other Youtubers do).  He's also the most attractive (in my opinion, obviously).  I love his height, his lankiness, his smile (his lips and teeth are beautiful, man), his eyes, his rosy cheeks, his hair, his adam's apple, and his NECK, MAN.  Let's not forget his personality.  It's his best quality (besides his smile and his eyes).  He seems like a great guy--outgoing, lovely, funny and sweet.  I love the fact that he's into Asian cultures and into movies as well.  Super beautiful guy--inside and out.  Don't get me wrong, the others are attractive too.  They're just look too feminine-looking for my taste.  Except for PJ--he's alright looking.  But he's certainly no Chris Kendall.

So... here are some pics and gifs (mind you, the majority of them will be Crabstickz--I've already explained why, lol)