Xiychie(Creative Commons-Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike)

A couple years ago(in like '06) I came up with this name. At first I called it xychie, but when I googled it I got a couple results, so I decided to make it slightly more unique. So, I just added an i between the x and the y and when I googled it I got 1 or 2 results that was like computer generated or something. I am very, very, very, VERY scared that someone will end up finding this and calling it their own. So just recently (like literally an hour ago) I decided to do a little more research on the name. Google didn't know what the heck I meant by XIYCHIE(cc-by-nc-sa) so I was like "YES!!!!!!!!!!"

So now I'm going to upload billions of pictures with MY UNIQUE DESIGNS and everything. The reason why my XIYCHIE(cc-by-nc-sa) design is so unique is because it deals with when I was born. There is a moon engulfed within a moon(I was born at 5-something at night). Another part is 2 stars next to the moon. Once again, I was born at night so that's what the moons and stars represent. The snowflake represents the fact that I was born in winter. I know exactly where and how many stems poke out from the snowflake. To top it off the name XIYCHIE(cc-by-nc) is written in the moon. I also have a variety of XIYCHIE(cc-by-nc-sa) small designs which are curlicued X's and Y's stapled against each other to slightly resemble a graphic design(MY DESIGNATED COLLEGE MAJOR).

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Xiychie by Ayauna S. Andrews is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.

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